The awkwardness of first blog posts

If I had a pound for every time I’d tried to start and keep up with a blog, I wouldn’t have needed to take out a student loan. I honestly could have funded my entire university education, including the semester in the US, and I would still have change. Never mind.

I’m going to try and actually follow through this time, though. Maybe a more positive approach is necessary. It’s hard though when you have to write that initial post (well, I guess this one) and you’re not even slightly sure how to begin, Do I introduce myself first? Do I just get stuck in to the actual writing about actual things? Maybe I should Google it! Wait, what, why is this all aimed at businesses? Why does Pinterest insist on the God-awful semi-transparent black square encouraging me to create an account have to appear when I’m trying to find something aimed at my demographic? Should I reactivate Pinterest account? In case you couldn’t tell, it’s all a little overwhelming. And I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing as I write this. Am I engaging any potential audience? Or just coming off as a scatter-brained millennial who doesn’t have a clue? I’m hoping the former, but expecting the latter.

See, here’s the thing: I’m pretty spectacularly average and I don’t really do much outside of the internet, Netflix and reading. Don’t get me wrong, I do other stuff sometimes, more often than I’m probably giving myself credit for. But I don’t do particularly exciting stuff often. What I do have to offer though, is opinions. So many of them. On a lot of stuff. And that’s probably going to make up most of what I end up writing. My opinions on stuff. And that stuff is probably going to range from current affairs to whatever small thing is slightly inconveniencing me right now. There will no doubt be the occasional life update, too, but only if it’s actually interesting enough. 

The internet is no doubt very saturated with the personal blogs of young people with opinions, but I’m going to try to not let that put me off for the millionth time.


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