Doing Things and Being and Adult

It has been a while since I’ve actually posted here. I’ve had a bunch of stuff sitting in my drafts that I’ve either really wanted to write and just haven’t had the time, or the idea has been so… meh that just looking at the title of it is kind of disheartening. But here I am! With a post that will mostly be an update on my personal life, with your (slightly irregularly) regularly scheduled rants and reviews in the coming week.

Another reason I’ve not really been around is just that I actually have a life now. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are. My final semester (eeeeek) of university started, and while I did my dissertation (albeit a shorter one) last semester, I’m still crazy busy with uni work – we have been tasked to make a ten minute short film with very little supervision from staff. In groups of three (and in one case, a group of two). So that could get interesting. Every time we think we are done editing the script (which is super cool and written by another girl who was in my screen and script class last semester), something else is pointed out to us that we should consider changing. We are *hopefully* going to look at locations next week though, so onwards and upwards!

I also have an internship now! One of my uni modules this semester is a work placement module and after a lot of applications, cover letters, emails and interviews I started one with a company based in London last week. Most of what I’ve done so far is social media and research, but I’m excited to see how the rest of the placement goes. All experience is good experience if you look at it in the right perspective.

And on top of being in university three days a week and at my internship two days a week, I also just started a new waitressing job! My previous encounter waitressing at a Thai restaurant left me (literally) shaking, crying and having panic attacks about it, and I quit very quickly. This one isn’t so bad though – being paid at least minimum wage and actually being trained has definitely helped. Also not being yelled at for not knowing exactly how that specific restaurant runs on my first day.  This Thai restaurant experience has been exponentially better. For my mental health more than anything else.

valentine's day.png
Valentine’s Day happened too. The American did well.

So that’s pretty much it. Between balancing full-time (ish) education, essentially working two part-time jobs, having a social (ish) life and being in a long-distance relationship that is happy and fulfilling (and also a lot of hard work in terms of communication, thanks time zones), time to sit down and write anything that isn’t to do with any of those things has been rare. Now that I’m finding a balance between the four (five, if you’re counting my relationship) different things happening in my life, it’ll be easier to sit and dedicate time to writing and maybe even sift through the draft titles and decide what is terrible and what is less terrible. Maybe even read a book. Oh god, being an adult is hard and tiring.

Until next time. :*


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