Tuesday morning I woke up to the news that the 96 deaths that occurred at the Hillsborough disaster were declared unlawful killings, and that the deaths were not the fault of Liverpool fans themselves.

I had began to write a post on how the disaster and the campaign had a profound effect on my childhood in Merseyside, but no matter how I tried, it never worked how I wanted to. That night, I saw this post on Twitter that seemed better than anything I could ever write:

For 27 years, the families of the 96 campaigned endlessly to find justice for their lost relatives. On Tuesday, they achieved their goal. Their strength and bravery was inspiring and astounding, and knowing they can begin to heal, even nearly 3 decades on, is comforting.

Two other things also crossed my mind in the aftermath of the verdict: people power works, and how awful it is that those involved in the cover-up could’ve easily gotten away with it without the strength and perseverance of those involved in the campaign.

The lies of The S*n and the Murdoch media as a whole, perpetuated by the likes of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt in recent years, put the city of Liverpool and the wider county of Merseyside on trial for nearly three decades, vilifying us and making us out to be the ones who are a danger to wider society.

The continued strength of the Justice Campaign showed the world Liverpool fans were not to blame, that the establishment set them up. Yesterday’s verdict confirms that.

The juxtaposition of this verdict and Britain should not be ignored. This verdict comes at a time were our Prime Minister recently faced questions over his taxation, where our Tory government denied thousand of child migrants safety and freedom from war, where Boris Johnson and his incompetence is still politically influential and Jeremy Hunt is still pushing his ridiculous junior doctor contracts despite opposition from pretty much everyone. A time where the Murdoch media, as well as Johnson and Hunt, ignored the verdict and refused to apologise.

Thatcher’s Britain cared little for its most vulnerable, and neither does Cameron’s. Hopefully the verdict of the Hillsborough inquest  proves the Tories aren’t to be trusted, that the Tories’ opinions of the working class have barely in the last 30 years. Cameron and his cronies, much like Thatcher and her government, will always have Murdoch rags such as The S*n and The Times in their back pockets, helping them get away with murder. However, on the other side of the coin – this verdict shows that the Establishment can be fought against, even defeated. Hopefully next time the people take on the power, it won’t take 27 years.


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